ICFiles 6.1 Upgrade

August 26, 2011 1:58 pm Published by


ICFiles 6.1 Upgrade

We have been working to bring you the best and most comprehensive upgrade of ICFiles to date. The look and design structure of ICFiles has been changed to improve the end user’s experience. The navigation boxes have been moved to an easy-to-use drop down menu and the access to documents has been changed to look more like a Window Explorer layout. We have also added paging technology to enhance the speed and efficiency of the end user’s experience.

What is included:

1. Document pages now contain a file system menu on the left side. This will help you find documents faster.

2. Document link has been added to the upload email notification. We have added a couple of new links to the notification emails. This one will take you or your client directly to the document after clicking the link. This will make iPhone and PDA use much easier.

3. “Forgot Login” link has been added to the upload email notice. We have added a couple of new links to the notification emails. This one will give your clients direct access to resetting their own password.

4. User name is no longer case sensitive. This will make it easier to sign on to ICFiles.

5. Now you have the ability to move a document to another folder for a given client or library. This will allow you to move last year’s or last month’s documents to a sub-folder.

6. Upload email notice on/off switch – Now you can choose at time of upload. This will allow you to choose if you want to send a notification email to your client at the moment before you upload documents.

7. Drop down menus have been added to simplify the navigation panel.

We are always open to suggestions from our clients, so please feel free to request changes to ICFiles.

Coming up in the ICFiles 6.2 Upgrade:

1. The ability to move multiple documents at the same time.

2. A highlight notice to let you know which documents are new and have never been viewed or downloaded.

3. SAS70 Compliant Data Center with fiber optic speed.

4. Document Icons to improve your abiltity to scan for the right document.

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