What is a “Lawyer”

A lawyer is a licensed professional who advises and represents individuals, businesses, and government agencies in legal matters. For one to practice law, a bachelor’s degree is a requirement in most states, and passing a state bar examination and a license from the highest court is a must.

A lawyer’s responsibilities include; writing and preparing legal documents, offering advice, settling disputes, researching legal developments, protecting intellectual property rights, and representing clients in a court of law. Lawyers may also specialize in family, corporate, criminal, bankruptcy, intellectual property, employment, and tax law.

Lawyers are always expected to uphold the law while protecting clients’ rights; to do so, a good understanding of the law and effective communication is necessary. They are also expected to maintain confidentiality since they hold confidential client data, which should not be shared unless with permission from the client or in exempt cases such as when such information can help prevent a criminal offense.

How to share files securely for “Lawyers”

Although legal professionals are not known to be tech-savvy, situations such as lawyers working remotely have necessitated the adoption of technology tools. Lawyers and law firms may opt for an email to share and circulate documents, but to maintain legal professional privilege with their clients, they need to replace insecure email attachments with a secure platform that offers end-to-end file encryption. Access files securely from anywhere. A breach will ruin a client’s life and lawyer’s reputation.


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