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Meet ICFiles Express

Secure File Share Desktop App

Simply copy or print a document to a Windows folder and you’re done!

ICFiles Express is Windows secure file share desktop App providing the same secure file handling as Under the covers, WB is a service-oriented application built on top of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and the Microsoft .NET frameworks. All of the same ICFiles security features and file encryption algorithms are utilized along with the easy use of a desktop application integrated with Microsoft Outlook. It’s the same great ICFiles service with all of your files safe and secure on the cloud. Secure File Share Desktop App


ICFiles Express Security Features:

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services over HTTPS using client credential authentication.
  • Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.
  • Not Vulnerable to Ransomware.


ICFiles Express Functions:

  • Save and manage your login credentials using Windows instead of a browser.
  • No more tying up browser windows with large uploads.
  • Upload thousands of documents at one time.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and newer.
  • Send and request Documents using Outlook.
  • Express upload using Windows Explorer.
  • Secure File Share Desktop App
  • 10+ Gigabyte File Size Limit
  • File Size Limit is determined by your internet speed, fiber can upload 100GBs in less than an hour.

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