Cloud Infrastructure Built to Federal Specifications

FISMA FedRAMP Secure File Share

FISMA FedRAMP Secure File ShareU.S. government agencies have demanding requirements for their cloud infrastructure: Servers, data center facilities, and networks must adhere to strong regulations. Off-premises cloud services need to connect seamlessly and privately to on-premises computing resources. And cloud servers must deliver peak performance for data-intensive, mission-critical workloads. FISMA FedRAMP Secure File Share.

IBM Private Cloud provides cloud infrastructure designed to meet these unique requirements, delivering all of the advantages of the IBM Private Cloud platform with compliance to government requirements. Deploy bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage, and more, all with on-demand deployment and full visibility and access for the best cloud performance, scalability, and control, and the security required.

IBM Private Cloud data centers reserved for government workloads will be certified for FISMA and FedRAMP compliance. These facilities are isolated from IBM Private Cloud’s general data centers and connected by an independent high-speed private network.

IBM Private Clouds DAL08 – Dallas TX and WDC03 – Ashburn VA data centers are built to FISMA and FedRAMP specifications and are reserved for government workloads pending their FedRAMP and FISMA compliance certification. These highly secure data centers have shared capacity for 30,000 servers and are connected to each other through a private network separate from the larger IBM Private Cloud platform.


  • 100 GBs minimum per account
  • 500 GBs minimum for private servers
  • Governmental business relationship requirement

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