Why eSignatures Are Better Than Handwritten Signatures

February 14, 2020 5:13 pm Published by

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Signatures play an important role in authenticating a document or binding an individual by the provisions contained in a document. And sometimes, a handwritten signature can slow down the process. This is because it’s dependent on the availability of the parties that are involved. It also includes the exchange of paper. You can imagine if you are doing business with an overseas company and have to wait for the documents to be delivered before you can continue with the transaction.

Many business processes have now been automated – and the signing of documents is one of these processes that has been streamlined.

Here are some reasons that make e-signatures better than handwritten ones:

  • More secure: With handwritten signatures, you are never 100 percent sure that the signature has not been forged. To the contrary, with an e-signature you can always track it to see if the document was tampered with.
  • Reduces costs: E-signatures eliminate the cost of printing documents and the postage incurred with handwritten signed documents.
  • Speeds up processes: E-signatures speed up business processes, considering that today almost all documents can be delivered online in an instant.
  • You can do it for free: Some online programs provide signing digital documents for free. To prevent forgery, online signatures are protected through verification methods and security audits.
  • Integrates with modern business: Technology has helped businesses evolve to be automated, saving time and speeding up processes.
  • Easy to use: Users can sign documents online by tracing their handwritten signature using a stylus or with the click of a mouse button.
  • Easy to track documents: Unlike tracking a physical document, it’s easy to track documents signed online using most of the available e-signature software. This eliminates lost paperwork problems.

Clearly, electronic signatures now play a big role in businesses today due to their convenience. And with the growing trend for businesses to go paperless, anyone who wants to enhance the efficiency of their business has no choice but to use e-signatures.

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